NovaMatrix®, a business unit of FMC Health and Nutrition, produces and supplies well-characterized and documented ultrapure, bio-compatible and bio-absorbable biopolymers for use in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical industries. These may include, but not be limited to applications such as drug delivery, tissue engineering, cell encapsulation, and medical devices. For our ultrapure sodium alginates, chitosan salts, and sodium hyaluronate, we maintain Drug Master Files with the US FDA.
NovaMatrix® products are intended to be used in applications which require high and consistent quality provided by our manufacturing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance.


BIOCAPAN contact:
Dr. Lise Cathrine Asdahl
Tel.: +47 920 81 851

The people involved in the project are

Lise Cathrine AsdahlLise Cathrine Asdahl is Quality Manager in NovaMatrix, and she is responsible for Quality Control and Quality Assurance activities. She holds a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry. Lise Cathrine has long experience in quality work, GMP and ISO, within pharmaceuticals, in-vitro companies and oil companies.

Mr. Terje SvendsenMr. Terje Svendsen, Operations  Manager. He is a Chemical Engineer and has long experience in purification technology and GMP production of biopolymers. He has headed the production and development of ultrapure alginate and chitosan biopolymers since 1997. He has wide experience with Contract Manufacturing Organizations and has led the development of sterile, ultrapure PRONOVA alginate for cell encapsulation. He has previously worked with fine chemical and downstream processing.