Nanoimmunotech is a Spanish biotech company and reference partner within the nanobiotechnology world. Nanoimmunotech offers a complete portfolio of physico-chemical and biological characterization services called nitbiosafe.  We perform a full set of in vitro and in vivo assays to check the risk of different nanomaterials: toxicity, biocompatibility (hemo and cytocompatibility), biodistribution, immunogenicity, sterility, among other assays.

Nitbiosafe services are based on standardized protocols and experimental environments that ensure optimal laboratory results, implementing USA recommendations and all EU regulation regarding nanosafety.

Nanoimmunotech team has been involved in the field of Nanotoxicity. We are members of different workgroups and platforms, as European Platform of Nanomedicine (ETPN), having participated in several projects and networks related to nanosafety and collaborated with other partners in this field.

Nanoimmunotech S.L.
Edificio CITEXVI
Fonte das Abelleiras s/n
36310 Vigo, Pontevedra

BIOCAPAN contact:
Dr Amanda Gallego
Tel: 0034 986 167 990

The people involved in the project are

Daniel Pérez Estévez is in charge of the Nitbiosafe service at Nanoimmunotech.  Senior researcher, holds over 8 years of experience: in vitro and in vivo assays. Experience in leading Work parckage related to the nanosafety in FP7 project. He is accredited for animal experiments design. Degree in Biology –Health field and a Ph.D. in Biology (Immunology lab) both from Universidade de Vigo, Spain. His research activity is focused in the nano-characterization, sterility testing and immunotoxicity evaluation.

Jose María Abad is the CTO of Bioconjugation and Nanomaterials section of Nanoimmunotech Company. He has a strong experience and expertise in the development of new nanomaterials and their bioconjugation with biomolecules (antibodies, enzymes, DNA, peptides). His research activity has been focused on new synthetic approaches towards nanomaterials for applications such as biological, medicinal, pharmaceutical, energy, and many others.

Tamara Lozano Fernández Researcher at R&D Department, with a broad knowledge in immunogenicity and toxicity of nanomaterials, with experience in vitro and in vivo assays. She is accredited for animal manipulation and also experimental design. Degree in Biology –Health field and a PhD in Biology both from Universidade de Vigo, Spain.

Amanda Gallego Suárez Senior researcher, with experience in prokaryotes and eukaryotes models, immunogenicity and toxicity of nanomaterials, cell culture techniques, biochemical, cellular and molecular biology, as well as in development and handling of laboratory animals. Bachelor´s Degree in Bacteriologist and Clinical Laboratory. MSc. in Biochemistry and PhD. in Molecular Medicine.